I Drank All Night On The Faroe Islands For The Price Of Just One Beer

​Karaoke Night at the Glitnir Irish Pub in Torshavn was a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Sean McBride
4 min readJul 18, 2022


Torshavn Sea Front.
Torshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands. All pictures courtesy of the author.

You’ll Always Find An Irish Pub

​One of the most common features I have found in all my travels is that, wherever you go, however unlikely you might think you are to find one, there’s always an Irish Pub. Torshavn, the capital city of the remote and rugged Faroe Islands nestling in the North Atlantic halfway between Scotland and Iceland, is no exception. Here, the place is called Glitnir, named after a fabled court in Heaven, where every dispute is resolved. Quite an apt theme for a pub I thought as I wandered into the open bar downstairs.

Glitnir Irish Pub, Torshavn

Overall, the place is a bit of a complex. There’s a pub and restaurant upstairs where the main Irish theme prevailed. Downstairs, where I had entered was a large open hall with tables and chairs around the walls and room for dancing in the middle. A huge screen covered most of the far wall opposite the entrance and there was football on the telly. This space is advertised as a sports bar but on Saturday evenings, as I was about to find out to my delight, it was a karaoke bar with a very decent promotion on the drinks.

Beer in The Faroe Islands

Beer is served in half litres or pints and generally comes in at between DKK50 to DKK100 which very roughly translates to between £5 and £10 UK equivalent. As I ordered my first beer however, they explained the rules for the night. One payment of DKK100 gets you a beer glass filled with whichever beer or cider you want. As long as you keep the glass they’ll then re-fill it every time you come back to the bar at no extra cost. This means you get your drink for the night for the price of a beer. I was…



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