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Sean McBride
5 min readFeb 4, 2024

Debbie Campbell shares her heart through the magic of music

For some, music holds the magic of time travel. A song can take you back to a specific time decades ago and draw out the very emotions you were feeling at the time. For some, music brings happiness, even joy. Breaking the ice in a silent room where people start to dance, and strangers become friends. And, of course, music nurtures love. The eternal soundtrack to the beating hearts, gentle breathing and whispered sentiment shared in lovers’ arms. For sure music is magic in many forms and here in Prestwick, on the west coast of Scotland, our very own Debbie Campbell wields that magic well.

It was of a Saturday night in a pub called The Eagle, once legendary in the Ayrshire music scene, that I first encountered Debbie spreading the warmth of her music with her group, The Splinters. Their set covered everything from Punk Rock to Country featuring classics by Blondie and the Eurythmics to name but a few. As those, less shy than myself, graced the dancefloor to the strains of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics, I started to realise this lady has a big voice and an even bigger heart.

Boy in the air
Debbie’s son, Lucas, takes a leap of faith

Recently Debbie has taken a quantum leap of faith with the launch of her Debut Album aptly named ‘About Time’. The album is a project where Debbie, her partner, Robert and friends Scott and Alex share a love of writing, music, and life. Produced in Dramatic Studios by Brian MacDonald, one half of the famous Macdonald brothers, it’s about triumph, love, laughter, and loss. For the rest of us, it’s a joy to be a part of.

The music has a folky, foot tapping feel that’s easy to dance to and make you feel good about yourself. The opening track, ‘Never Had The Hunger’, is a declaration of war on the kind of fear that made this girl once think she couldn’t sing. In keeping with the album, it’s a triumph over shyness and a joy to get caught up in. Tracks like ‘Beyond Belief’ (Written by a mutual friend, Alex Frew) and ‘Love, Love, Love (Never Forget It), Written by Debbie’s partner Robert Neil, have a timeless romantic feel that underscores the passion in the writing…



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