Highland Park whisky at sunset. All pictures courtesy of the author.

From sustainable food, beauty from adversity to ancient stone rings, the spirit of Orkney endures.

There are many reasons to visit the Orkney Islands. They are a place of striking beauty, abundant wildlife and steeped in history. I came to see the future in a land renowned for leading the way in renewable energy. …

Nissen Hut
Perhaps the least flattering yet, to me, the most important view of the Italian Chapel, Orkney. All pictures by Sean McBride

The Italian Chapel, on the remote Orkney Islands, is striking and beautiful. Set above the rugged shoreline on the tiny island of Lambholm. The story of its construction reflects the light of creativity shining out of the darkness of adversity. …

Seagull at Chanonry Point. All pictures courtesy of the author.

At A Glance:

  • Depart Inverness (Craigmonie Hotel) 09:30
  • First Stop — Chanonry Point to try and spot Dolphins Arr 10:30, Dep: 12:00. Saw lots of seagulls and one seal but no dolphins.
  • Second Stop — Glenmorangie Distillery Shop to buy some whisky. They do Distillery Tours, but I don’t. Just want to buy…
Cliffs and vessels off shore in the sea.
Harnessing the power of the waves. All pictures courtesy of the author.

I introduced myself to the people in the Information Centre at Kirkwall and told them I was looking to get close to the Water-based power generating devices off the island of Eday. …

Standing stones and causeway
Standing stones on the main island of Orkney. All pictures courtesy of the suthor.

My first thoughts about the Orkney Islands are of beautiful ancient lands to the far north where Vikings once ruled. The home of Highland Park, one of my favourite single malt whiskies.

But it wasn’t the standing stones or brochs of ancient history that moved me to visit these islands…

Night sky full of stars above a small hill.
Only stars in this picture but I know the Aurora will light up one of my night skies.

Being privileged to live close to Galloway Forest Park, I have some great access to night skies. So far I have some great snaps of the night sky but the moon and the stars are as far as I’ve got. Not bad really.

Now that we are able to travel…

Sunrise in the mountains above the clouds.
Light emerging from the darkness. All pictures by Sean McBride

Watching a TV program about 1995, I realized that year held some of the darkest moments of my life. I was not long out of the army, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and full of the doubt that accompanies a soldier heading into civilian life.

Look After The Basics.

In my early years…

Sean McBride

I am an Adventure Travel Writer who provides the inspiration to help people live their finest moments through adventures https://inspirationthroughadventure.com

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