“Be kind to yourself” is a cliché, but there are real habits for doing it that can move you forward

Person staring out into the setting sun
Image credit: Chalabala.

As a soldier, boxer, and practicing mountaineer, I learned techniques for overcoming fear that pay dividends in all walks of life

A view of the blue sky as a man bungee jumps.
Image credit: Bondariev

Grassy mountain with people hiking up it.
Grassy mountain with people hiking up it.
Hikers climbing the Devil’s Staircase.

The most anticipated ascent of the iconic West…

Touring Orkney, including budget accommodation, by bus

Orkney Bus Stop.
Bus Stop outside my accommodation at Orphir. All pictures by the author.

When I looked at the clouds with my heart

Image of a woman super imposed over an image of the sea in the sunset.
Image of my mum. She lives on in the memories I treasure in my head and the love I hold in my heart and she will never be dead to me. Picture by Sean McBride

So I’m going to say some nice things to aspiring writers

Diary with a poem hand written into it which reads as follows. To All With Love. By Sean McBride. It’s time to stop worrying about who you were or who you’re not or who you might become in the future. Just look inside your heart. Right here. Right Now. In this moment. This is who you are. And it’s ok to think you’re amazing.
Writing out to touch you. Image by Sean McBride

Remember You’re Chasing A Dream.

Sure, we all feel that heart-sinking moment when we start to realize that the piece we just published isn’t going to go viral. My first 8 months as a full-time writer didn’t get one response from anyone. Nothing! My savings were dwindling and my dream seemed to be floating away.

​The enduing story of Scotland’s toughest Trekathon.

Group of hikers in the woods.
Participants making their way into Glencoe at the start of the event. All pictures by Sean McBride

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, this ten-minute stretch routine might just help you regain your mobility.

Smiling man standing facing front with hands on hips
Preparing to stretch. All images by the author.

Discussing some of the finest moments of my life with Meredith Rodriguez from Better Humans in the first episode of her new Podcast called The Joy Of Challenge.

Rocks draped with Buddhist Prayer Flags and a person standing beside a stone which has the words, “Everest Base Camp 2016” inscribed on it.
Standing at Everest Base Camp. Picture by Sean McBride

Sean McBride

I am an Adventure Travel Writer who provides the inspiration to help people live their finest moments through adventures https://inspirationthroughadventure.com

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