So many of our greatest successes start from a dark place.

Sunrise in the mountains above the clouds.

Watching a TV program about 1995, I realized that year held some of the darkest moments of my life. I was not long out of the army, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and full of the doubt that accompanies a soldier heading into civilian life.

Look After The Basics.

In my early years…

“Be kind to yourself” is a cliché, but there are real habits for doing it that can move you forward

Person staring out into the setting sun

I was dropping my best pal home after work, sitting outside her house in the car, when I finally lost control and broke down. I couldn’t hide the tears anymore as they stung my eyes and rolled down my face.

I hadn’t slept in days; I was utterly exhausted and…

As a soldier, boxer, and practicing mountaineer, I learned techniques for overcoming fear that pay dividends in all walks of life

A view of the blue sky as a man bungee jumps.

There were four of us and our instructor huddled together in the back of a small Cessna Light Aircraft as it started to circle and climb above the airfield. “500ft,” the instructor called out to let us know what altitude we were at.

We were supposed to be familiarizing ourselves…

Rugged, rocky, snow covered mountain — The Buachaille
Rugged, rocky, snow covered mountain — The Buachaille

Training for Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro.

Grassy mountain with people hiking up it.
Grassy mountain with people hiking up it.

The most anticipated ascent of the iconic West…

Touring Orkney, including budget accommodation, by bus

Orkney Bus Stop.

I wanted to explore Orkney to get a feel for the culture of the islanders, their long history and to see evidence of the sustainable energy initiatives Orkney is well known for. …

When I looked at the clouds with my heart

Image of a woman super imposed over an image of the sea in the sunset.

When we look at the ocean with the naked eye we see little more than the surface. Sure, gulls dive for something, and fins and splashes breaking the surface hint at the teeming life occupying its fathomless depths. But, pretty much, there’s nothing to see but the surface.

So what…

So I’m going to say some nice things to aspiring writers

Diary with a poem hand written into it which reads as follows. To All With Love. By Sean McBride. It’s time to stop worrying about who you were or who you’re not or who you might become in the future. Just look inside your heart. Right here. Right Now. In this moment. This is who you are. And it’s ok to think you’re amazing.

Remember You’re Chasing A Dream.

Sure, we all feel that heart-sinking moment when we start to realize that the piece we just published isn’t going to go viral. My first 8 months as a full-time writer didn’t get one response from anyone. Nothing! My savings were dwindling and my dream seemed to be floating away.

Sean McBride

I am an Adventure Travel Writer who provides the inspiration to help people live their finest moments through adventures

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