3 Sites That Get You Paid For Writing

Editors are always on the hunt for writers and willing to pay them. Here’s how to find them.

Sean McBride


There are editors out there who are looking for writing and willing to pay for it. Picture courtesy of the author.

Commission on Medium and similar sites is all very well. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this. But, for me anyway, the money I bring in from Medium doesn’t pay the bills. There are however Editors from many online and print publications always on the lookout for new writing with a budget available to pay for it. You just have to know where and how to find them.

In this article I will mention the sites and contacts which have brought me some success. On these sites you can not only find editors looking for article pitches but also many Freelance and Writing Job opportunities. I’m not going to claim that I have become rich overnight or that you will either using these. It can seem like a miracle just getting someone to answer your pitch and you’re only at the start of the process then. That said, you have to start somewhere.

Freedom With Writing

Freedom With Writing distributes a weekly newsletter which lists editors looking for pitches on almost any subject you can think of. Rates vary from free up to $1/word and occasionally more. I’ve connected with some huge publications through this site including Huffington Post.

In fact, it was through Freedom With Writing that I first found out about Medium. Their publication Better Humans had posted their writing guidelines here.

For those interested, Freedom With Writing also hosts training courses for new writers and regular writing competitions. In my opinion this really is a fantastic site to get started with as you will definitely find lots of exciting prospects.

Regular updates from the site also include full time writing and editing jobs though I have found that these are mostly US Based. They also post details of Writing Grants and Fellowships and links to apply for them. The best thing about all of this is that subscription to the Newsletter if free! Just click here to get started.

Opportunities of the Week

This is another weekly newsletter compiled by Sonia Weiser. This is a weekly list of anyone on Twitter who is looking…



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